Hardware Reincarnation

Apologies for the absence from posting, It’s been a busy summer! The handful of warm months associated with the June-September stretch beckon an increase in productivity and assorted client work has left little time for blogging. As the old adage states we tend to “make hay while the sun shines” here in the Northern reaches of New England.

Maine summers offer abundant benefits yard and barn sales tucked in among them. A Saturday drive on nearly any back road offers plenty of opportunities to browse and buy nearly anything. A few recent treasure hunts have produced a small stockpile of salvaged materials awaiting reincarnation. It’s hard to resist an inspiring or particularly beautiful bit left in the wake of passing years even when a future purpose is not yet clear. While reclaimed wood has always been an important part of the collection from both a design and pragmatic perspective, reclaimed hardware is a territory not yet fully explored. A busy summer of special finds will undoubtedly provide a winter’s worth of inspiration and another option for clients looking to commission that special piece.


An assortment of reclaimed casters, drawer pulls, and knobs.


In addition to finding things “by chance” we’ve cultivated relationships with a handful of local characters who operate various types of “junk” shops both privately and commercially, some just fall into a category of collectors without a cause. With a multitude of sharp-eyed folks on the lookout we’re often able to fulfill specific requests while still sourcing one-of-a-kind vintage items.


Beautiful, antique Farm Table legs.


Stay tuned for updates on recent pieces and projects.

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